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Welcome to the Kentucky Department of Education’s public one-stop-shop for education data. Similar to a school open house, we invite you to visit and look around. Kentucky’s publicly available education data are just a click away within this site. All data are aggregated to protect student privacy. If you don’t find what you need, information on how to request data is available here.
If you need any data from Open House in an accessible format, please contact KDE Data Services.

Kentucky Schools and Districts

Find information on Kentucky’s 171 schools and districts, including location and contact information.

School Report Card

The School, District and State Report Cards provide detailed information on demographics, test performance, accountability, teacher qualifications, student safety, parent involvement and much more.

Kentucky Education Facts
  • Number of school districts [2020-21]: 171

    Number of public schools [2020-21]: 1,477

    Student End of Year Enrollment [2020-21]: 638,236

    Average per-pupil expenditures [2019-20]: $14,496

    State 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate [2020-21]: 90.0%

    State Dropout Rate - Grades 9-12 [2019-20]: 1.1%

    State Attendance Rate [2018-19]: 94.2%

  • State Retention Rate [2020-21]: 1.2%

    Total number of full time equivalent teachers (not including administrators, guidance counselors, media specialists or resource teachers) [2020-21]: 42,525

Systems Launchpad

Kentucky’s data systems collect a variety of information at the student, school and district levels that is used to support instruction, continuous improvement, district operations and for state and federal reporting. The Systems Launchpad provides authorized access to the Kentucky Department of Education’s various data systems as well as supporting documents and information.

What's New

09/29/2021– KDE releases 2020-2021 School Report Card Data

05/24/2021 – Financial Transparency Media Release on Kentucky School Report Card

11/9/2020 – High School Feedback Reports (HSFR) for Class of 2018

10/14/2020 – KDE releases 2019-2020 School Report Card data

Supplemental Data
  • Accountability
  • Assessment
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Learning Environment
  • School Finance
  • Student Health

Here you can find data made available after the annual School Report Card release or data not included in the School Report Card.