Student Data Review and Rosters - SDRR

The Student Data Review and Roster (SDRR) application is used for all state assessment rosters and assessment data review/cleanup. SDRR helps district personnel review the accuracy of assessment results so that the results may be reported publicly in a more timely fashion. SDRR enables district personnel to locate errors in student data, submit data review requests and track progress of each request online. SDRR is used for all state required assessments, including the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP), EXPLORE, PLAN, ACCESS for ELLs and ACT. SDRR is available to all District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and approved staff. The District Web App Administrator Point of Contact (WAAPOC) provides school and district level users access by granting them the appropriate permissions for their school(s) upon request of the DAC.

Who uses the system? District Assessment Coordinators and a limited number of authorized Kentucky Department of Education staff.

What data is collected? Student program-level data and assessment scores.