Infinite Campus - IC

Infinite Campus is Kentucky’s Student Information System (KSIS) -- the authoritative source for Kentucky public school student data. Schools and all 173 districts use the system for student school and course enrollment. Teachers use the system to track attendance, grades, generate report cards and transcripts. Students and parents can access their records on-line and through the mobile app. More information on KSIS is available here.

Who uses the system? School and district teachers, administrators, staff and the Kentucky Department of Education are authorized users of this system. Students and parents can access the system for attendance, schedule, assignments and grade information through a secure on-line portal or via a mobile app. Parents or students should contact the school the student is attending for user IDs to access the system.

What data are collected? Student demographics, attendance, behavior, health, grades, GPA, graduates, courses, class rosters, student linkage to teachers, program participation including: special education, gifted and talented, Title I, limited English proficiency, Family Resource and Youth Service Centers (FRYSC), free- and reduced-meal status, preschool and migrant information is gathered. School, district, administrator and teacher information is also collected.