Grant Management, Application and Planning - GMAP

GMAP is an on-line grant application system that allows districts to create, submit and KDE to review their applications for the federal grants. Currently, the Title IA, Title IIA, Title III EL, Title III Immigrant, Perkins Secondary and Perkins Post-Secondary are contained in the system, with other grants to be added in the future.

Who uses the system?
District program staff, finance officers and superintendents use the system to create and submit the applications. KDE program consultants use the system to review and provide feedback. The public can use the system to view approved applications.

What Data are collected?
Data are collected regarding the budgeting of federal grant allocations to the districts as well as program specific details regarding uses of the funds.

How to Log in
GMAP is located at
Additional information regarding GMAP can be found at the KDE GMAP web page.

The public can search for and view approved applications without logging in. Instructions can be obtained from the KDE Resources by clicking on that button on the main menu.

Users must be entered by the local user access administrator. The list of local administrators is also in the KDE Resources Library. When a user is added, an email will be sent that allows the user to set his/her password.