Kindergarten Readiness
Kentucky’s Common Kindergarten Entry Screener, the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Kindergarten Screen III, provides a quick and accurate assessment of a child’s development in five areas: Academic/Cognitive, Language Development, Physical Development, Self-Help and Social-Emotional Development. The Common Kindergarten Entry Screener (704 KAR 5:070) is aligned with Kentucky's School Readiness Definition and the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards.

2019-2020 Kindergarten Readiness Results

The Kindergarten Screen files provide the trend data for the state and current year data for schools, districts and the state. Prior year data for schools and districts is available in the School Report Card at:

2019-2020 Kindergarten Readiness State Summary 2019-2020 Kindergarten Readiness Report by School, District, and State 2019-2020 Kindergarten Readiness Data by School, District, and State (includes four tabs: Composite, Domains, Self-Help Emotional and Detail)