2018 CSI/TSI Schools
Schools identified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) are the lowest performing in the state. Schools identified as Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) have one or more student demographic groups performing as poorly as the CSI schools. Files below provide the list of CSI and TSI schools by district including the reason for identification.

CSI School List TSI School List

2018 Accountability Summary Data
The Accountability Summary Data file summarizes the status of schools in the state accountability system including the 2018 classification of CSI/TSI/Other. This spreadsheet includes aggregate data for all schools, districts and the state in seven worksheets: Profile, TSI Groups, Proficiency, Separate Academic Indicator, Growth, Transition Readiness, and Graduation Rate.

Note: This data file is not in printable format.

Accountability Summary Data File Layout-Accountability Summary

2018 Performance Level Data -- Accountable Students (100 Day)
The Accountable NAPD Data file includes the participation rate data and aggregate data for Novice, Apprentice, Proficient, Distinguished (NAPD) performance percentages of 100 day students, reported by demographic groups for all schools, districts and the state for all content areas (reading, mathematics, science, social studies and writing) and all assessed grade levels (elementary, middle and high).

Note: This data file is not in printable format.

Accountable NAPD Data File layout - Accountable NAPD

School Report Card

Results from prior years are available in the School Report Card at:

Kentucky Testing Report Archive

For historical reports, please refer to the Kentucky Testing Reports Archive for years 2000-01 through 2010-11 at: