2015-16 Combined Overall Scores and Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) Goals
Next-Generation Learners and Program Review data have been combined for the Overall Scores and AMO goals for the 2015-16 school year.
The process:
  • Combines Next-Generation Learners at 77% and Program Reviews at 23% to generate a new overall score
  • Identifies the overall combined scores associated with Proficient, Distinguished and School/District of Distinction
  • Sets an individual Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) goal for each school and district for the 2015-16 school year
Note: The AMO improvement (.5 or 1) is now added only to the Next Generation Learners Score. This is a change from previous years when the AMO improvement goal was calculated by adding .5 or 1 to the Overall Score. As a reminder, classifications (Distinguished, Proficient, or Needs Improvement) continue to be based on the Overall Score. The Overall Score is derived from Next Generation Learners (77%) and Program Reviews (23%)

2015-16 Combined Overall Scores and AMO Goals

Focus School Details

“Focus School” means a school that has a non-duplicated student gap group score in the bottom ten percent of non-duplicated student gap groups scores for all elementary, middle and high schools; schools with an individual student subgroup within assessment grades by level with a score in the third standard deviation below the state average for all students; or high schools that have a graduation rate that has been less than 60 percent for two consecutive years.

2015-16 Focus School Details

School Report Card

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